Hard working

In this election year, the students of NIU will be making some very important decisions. One of those decisions will be who will represent them as state senator from the 35th state senate seat. I support Brad Burzynski because of his honesty and integrity in serving as our state representative during the past two years. I have witnessed Brad Burzynski’s hard work, ethics on the house floor and his commitment to serving the people of the current 76th legislative district through his local offices.

Brad Burzynski is concerned about education at all levels. He was a schoolteacher for several years and through this experience, he understands the problems facing our school system. Mr. Burzynski’s educational training and experience as a past educator enables him to understand how important it is to maintain Northern’s law school.

Brad Burzynski supports a strong economic growth agenda for the new 35th state senatorial district and the state of Illinois. This agenda includes cutting government regulation that impedes on the growth of jobs in the private sector. This agenda also includes tax incentives to attract new small businesses. Mr. Burzynski believes that private sector job creation is the best means to a strong economic recovery in Illinois. Brad Burzynski supports an even balance between the environment and business. That balance is not driven by choosing one over the other, but one that protects the environment and creates jobs.

Brad Burzynski has always been willing to listen to concerns and questions of the students at NIU. He will be a strong voice for Northern Illinois University and its students while he serves in Springfield. Brad Burzynski is the candidate for state senator that best represents immediate action and accessibility for the students of this campus. I urge the students to vote for Brad Burzynski on November 3rd.

Kevin M. Hir

Political Science