Suspect in battery case arrested

By R. Scott Lohman

Another arrest has been made in connection with the stabbing of a former NIU student.

Steven Poindexter, 21, of Chicago, was arrested on a Dekalb County warrant and charged with aggravated battery and mob action, said University Police Det. Robert Canon. Mob action is the use of force or violence when one person acts with two or more people disturbing peace without police supervision, Canon said.

Poindexter is the third suspect of four who was arrested for beating a friend of former NIU student Alphonso Knight, Canon said. Knight was stabbed at Grant Towers South on March 21.

The four suspects beat on the friend with a crutch and with their hands at the same time the stabbing occurred, he said. Knight was released in September from Loyola Medical Center in Maywood.

Canon said Poindexter is an NIU student. Judicial Office Director Larry Bolles said Poindexter’s name has not come across his desk. No judicial action can take place at this time.

State’s Attorney Michael Coghlan said, if convicted, Poindexter can be fined up to $10,000 and face up to five years in prison. Poindexter is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 22. Poindexter posted $500 bond, Canon said.

The two other suspects who were arrested on warrant are Eric Williams and Derrick Williams-Smith, Canon said. He said they also were arrested for aggravated battery and mob action. They were NIU students at one time, he said.

Williams and Williams-Smith each posted $500 bond, Canon said.

Coghlan said it took police some time to arrest Poindexter because suspects in criminal cases are “not always available to arrest.”

Canon said he expects the fourth suspect to turn himself in soon.

All of the suspects were not arrested earlier because they could have testified as witnesses for the state against Anthony Hawks had he pleaded innocent. Hawks, who stabbed Knight, pleaded guilty to attempted murder on Aug. 28.