Senate discusses unit in Student Association

By Philip Dalton

A discussion of Student Association unity and the removal of two senators highlighted the SA Senate meeting Sunday.

The discussion of SA unity was brought up by several senators. Senators Robert Nowak and Dan Gaddis stated that members on the senate had gone behind the backs of the senate to complain about how it was being run. They also mentioned the rudeness that was taking place during meetings while certain senators were speaking.

SA Public Relations Adviser Anna Bicanic said, “It is my hope and expectation that the senate, advisers and executive board will meet as a team. We (executive board) are not a separate entity. We must work together to be successful.”

The senate also voted to remove two members of the senate. SA Vice President Anastasia Criscione stated the senators had not shown up for any of the past meetings. The senators who were removed were Janis Rodola and Tom Bianucci.

According to Bicanic, the senators will be replaced from a pool of write-ins. She stated the senators will be interviewed by the minority relations adviser, the vice president and the senate speaker

The Student Committee on Financial Aid (SCOFA) had its request approved to charge $1 for uses of the CASHE system which provides information to students on sources of financial aid. The dollar will be used to cover costs such as paper and advertising.

Several organizations officially were recognized by the senate. Those groups were Amnesty International, Hillel Jewish Student Organization, Latino Cultural Awareness Committee, Marketing Student Advisory Board, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and the Veterans Club.

NATIONS and the Minority Relations Committee will be holding an open discussion soon on the names of the Holmes Student Center’s dining areas. The Pow Wow and the Blackhawk rooms of the student center will be the topic of discussion. NATIONS wants the names of the rooms changed. The date has not yet been set.