The definition of love revealed by Columbus

Thee unthinkable has happened! Love has found a definition!

That’s right! All those of you out there who have felt lost because you didn’t know the meaning of love now have a reason to celebrate because the definition has been discovered.

I know you’re all excited and looking forward to the answer but I’m going to prolong the agony for a few inches more.

Don’t even think of jumping ahead or you’ll be more lost then you currently are at this moment.

This revelation came in the last couple of days with the presence of Sweetest Day and other events. However, I must say the true enlightenment came in a moment of epiphany.

As sleep covered my head in soft caresses and my mind drifted beyond imaginative boundaries, I received a sight which made it all clear. I stared in shock as the answer was made known to me. It was the hardest thing to swallow since having digested a Mike and Ike whole.

It didn’t make sense because the answer was so simple. Simpler than that damn child’s game with the geometric shapes and its matching holes in the top of the cylinder, but nonetheless, it was simple.

Having rolled the answer over in my mind, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve found the real definition. The only problem is deciding if I want to share the answer with all of you? If I reveal the answer, I might get the same acclaim that Einstein received, but then again I could end up like Columbus.

By claiming the mystery solved, I could be helping the world or I could be tearing it apart. However, just as Columbus, there is that sense of needing to provide the answer to the eternal question both to myself and to everyone else, but in no way would I wish to cause that type of pain on any culture again.

Is the blame really being placed in the correct lap? Is it WRONG to blame one man for another man’s mistakes? I think so. Columbus didn’t destroy the Native American culture, the American culture did. The matter was not within Columbus’ control.

This is not to say that the Native Americans are wrong for blaming Columbus—that is to say not entirely. They deserve their chance to protest the destruction of their culture and I feel it’s wrong that they have singled out Columbus for their protest and I do feel it is wrong that no discussion has been given to the idea of holding others responsible as well. Maybe next year the topic won’t be narrowed down to suit only one side of the story. If anything, that is what love is all about.

Opening up your mind to understand what others propose is to truly love life and to exude love in your life.

Now I guess I should give the real definition of love before there’s a tribe of Native Americans outside looking to discuss this political matter with me.

The definition is…. let’s see….. I knew it just a minute ago. Hold on I’m sure I can remember before I run out of room in this column.

After all that political ranting, I’ve forgotten the answer and I’m out of room but I’ll be sure to tell you when I remember.

Till then happy, happy, joy, joy.