Facts not beliefs

Once again, one of the Compulsory Pregnancy People has confused personal beliefs with facts. In her letter in the Sept. 28 issue of The Northern Star, Beth Gifford stated that it has been “scientifically proven” that life begins at conception. No reputable doctor or scientist would make such a statement. Some people believe life begins at conception, others do not believe this, just as some people believe in the existence of God, heaven and hell, while other people do not. All of these issues are in the realm of theology, not science, which means they can neither be proved nor disproved.

In this country we are free to hold whatever beliefs we want, but we are NOT free to impose them on others. The anti-choice forces want to impose a particular set of beliefs on all Americans, whether or not everyone agrees with them. People who oppose abortion should admit they are presenting their own beliefs, and stop claiming objective, scientific status for their ideas.

Judith Testa

Professor, School of Art

Northern Illinois University