Too maddening

What were you trying to say, Mr. Krol? (30 Sept.) I have been told you don’t mean half the things that you write and that you are merely trying to get a rise out of people, trying to ignite some passionate controversy in the hearts and minds of the student body. I get the impression, however, that your power as the editorial manager at The Northern Star makes you think you have the right to blatantly offend other NIU students. You seem like an incredibly insightful person with many things to share with this university. Why can’t you do that? I’ve heard the expression that you can’t please everyone all the time, but give us a break. Why stoop to such cheap sensationalism when you’re capable of so much more? I am a freshman and I have only seen the work you have done since this school year began. However, your reputation precedes you and I have heard you are the most loved editorial writer to hate. The last thing we need on this campus is one more person blindly insulting that which makes this campus so beautifully diverse. It happens too much already. We need reflection and introspection on things that really matter to NIU as a community. You’re in a position to get people thinking. Getting people thinking and getting people angry are two different things, Mr. Krol. People will be more likely to listen and digest what you have to say if you don’t keep putting them on the defensive. There are a lot of angry people on this campus—you’re probably one of them. Vent out your anger, but do it with some constructive and intelligent style. Get me angry, but do it because I’m being manipulated by the system, not because I’m brown, not because I’m a liberal arts major, not because I listen to classic rock, and not because I’m a vegetarian—those things don’t matter.

Kristina Vergara