Paw Lickin’ Good Treats brings warmth to those in need


Patrick Murphy

Clothing closets outside of Paw Lickin’ Good Treats.

By Jamie O'Toole, Columnist

DeKALB Paw Lickin’ Good Treats, a pet store, has placed a community closet full of cold weather essentials in front of their store for people in need this winter, according to their Facebook post

Located in the Hy-Vee Shopping Center, 2684 DeKalb Ave., coats, hats, scarves and gloves are inside the dark wooden closet for anyone to take. Because there have been more donations than expected, locals Carol Floros and Carol Koszola donated a second closet, according to a store Facebook post.  

Co-owner Jody Meerdink asks for donations of any clean, gently used clothing items. Since Meerdink and her partner set up the closet Jan. 9, they’ve seen about 1-2 people donating each day.

Winter gear offered outside of Paw Lickin’ Good Treats. (Patrick Murphy )

“The most rewarding thing is that people are actually taking advantage of it,” Meerdink said.

The community closet has been a plan for the two owners since the end of last winter, Meerdink said. 

It is their plan to keep the closets open 24/7, according to the post.