The Panhellenic Sorority will host online recruitment


Courtesy of the Panhellenic Sorority

Dottie Blanchard, Contributor

The Panhellenic Sorority is celebrating their new members’ recruitment Friday through Sunday via Microsoft Teams. 

The three-day event will give prospective members the opportunity to learn more about eight different sororities history, missions and benefits. Students will discover all eight of their NIU sororities: Alpha Phi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Delta Gamma, Delta Zeta, Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Sigma Lambda Sigma and Sigma Sigma Sigma.

Carson Kemper, panhellenic vice president of membership and outgoing officer, said the Panhellenic Association is making efforts to include sororities.

“Panhellenic Association was founded on four values: friendship, leadership, scholarship and service,” Kemper said. “We try to make a community out of all eight of our chapters to uphold those values and support one another to not feel that the sororities are individual.”

The recruitment will allow women interested in joining Greek-life the experience of meeting other members virtually. The organization recruitment is normally in the fall semester, however, the university’s in-person restrictions prohibited the association to meet.

“The pandemic has done a 180 on us,” Kemper said. “The safest option was to conduct this during the spring semester on Microsoft Teams to ensure the safety of everyone.”

Although prospective members won’t have the option of meeting face-to-face during this event, attendees will have the chance to focus on sister-hood and the philanthropy projects. 

Kemper said getting involved in a sorority could provide some advantages. 

“Someone should be interested in joining, as it is a support system you are getting here,” Kemper said. “The community supports each other, and this is the chance of getting a lot of leadership opportunities and volunteering. Overall, being involved helps you grow as a person by learning your strengths and knowing the weaknesses.”

Registration is free and is open until midnight Wednesday. Students who are interested in joining a sorority sign up via the  NIU Panhellenic sororities site.