Unpopular opinion: Fries go best with mayo


Photo illustration by Patrick Murphy

Forget about ketchup and mustard. When it comes to french fries, mayo is the best condiment.

By Jack Baudoin

It is a well-known fact that fries are the best side of all time.

In most restaurants, it is the go-to side for burgers, and there is a good reason for that. Crispy and salty they are the perfect complement to most meals. A little-known fact, though, is that ketchup is not the best dipping sauce for these delicious slices of fried potatoes; it is mayonnaise.

Now, I know what most of you are thinking. (Fries dipped in mayo? Put this man in a sanitarium.) But if you just give me a second, I will tell you how fries with mayonnaise will make the best side of all time even better.

The fact of the matter is the taste profiles complement each other much better than ketchup ever will. While ketchup is sweet, mayo is tangy, which is a perfect complement to the saltiness of the fries. Not only that, but ketchup overpowers the flavor of the fry. It feels as if you are eating a mouthful of tomatoes, while mayo brings out the best of the fry, adding a little extra something.

I know mayo is not for everyone, but eating it with fries is definitely the way to go. From the complementary tanginess to saltiness and the extra level of taste, the second you dip your fry in mayo you will never be the same again.