Oregon vote ludicrous to gays

Is the state of Oregon living in 1910 or 1992?

The Nov. 3 ballot in Oregon lists a choice dubbed Measure Nine. If enacted, the measure calls for all state institutions to present the concept of homosexuality as abnormal, wrong and perverse and to actively discourage its practice. Everyone down from the governor to public school teachers would be forced to proselytize against the homosexual lifestyle.

This proposal is ludicrous on so many levels. First of all, it would put the Oregon government in the position of actively practicing discrimination. In addition, it is the government’s responsibility to protect rights, not advocate or protest them. Any rational court would throw the law out in the blink of an eye. And none of these other reasons even take into account the fact that the proposal is entirely insensitive to gays.

The proposal was put on the Oregon ballot by the ultraconservative Oregon Citizens’ Alliance, a splinter group of preacher Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition. Of course, in the year when the concept of family values is being warped to fit the views of every conceivable group, what do you expect from a group of knee-jerk conservatives?

However, the question should definitely be allowed on the ballot. After all, the group obviously got enough signatures to call the question, so let the public decide. We just hope the public has more brains than to vote for such an outlandish scheme.