My favorite place in the world: New Orleans


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By Jack Baudoin

Everyone has their happy place, whether it be a specific location or a state of mind. For me, that place is New Orleans. Half of it has to do with my heritage, and the other half is the escapades one can partake in here.

My father was born and raised in Louisiana. Being half-Cajun myself, going to New Orleans is an amazing way to surround myself within my culture. I have not met another Cajun here in Illinois in my entire life, so those Cajun delicacies and traditions I grew up with were relegated to my own home. By going to New Orleans, I am able to immerse myself in this culture unlike anywhere else; from hearing zydeco music in bars, to eating crawfish étouffé in a local hole-in-the-wall, and even though I have never lived there, it feels like going home.

Most people do not go to New Orleans to immerse themselves in their culture. They go there to party. This is another reason as to why this city is my favorite place, but it goes much further than simply partying. While it is true that there are more bars there than you would ever need, and an open alcohol policy so you can walk around the city with your drink, the things you see while sipping on your drink around the city is where the real run is.

From Cafe Du Monde, where you can enjoy delicious beignets and hickory coffee right on the river, or maybe visiting a warehouse where you can see how the glorious Mardi Gras floats are made, or even just walking around the city and seeing the amazing Spanish and French architecture unlike any other city in the country. New Orleans is a city with its own feel and look, and most of the things you will find yourself doing here can only be done here.

By immersing myself in my heritage and the different kinds of fun one can find, New Orleans is by far my favorite place in the world.