Star too biased?

As a student of NIU, I am outraged The Northern Star has become a tool for the Democratic party. As a school newspaper, the paper should take neither side in the political arena. The paper is supported by student fees. Over the last week or so there have been at least seven letters for John Nelson. He is a Democratic candidate for the State Senate. Most of these letters were written by people from the Rockford area. The paper is for students, not people from Rockford trying to sway the students on how to vote. This is typical of The Northern Star, it has had a liberal slant ever since I came to Northern. You can just look at the coverage of Gov. Clinton and President Bush. The Star has been in favor of Clinton the whole time. People should be able to decide for themselves on a presidential or local choice for government. They don’t need the Star to decide for them!

Jeff Orseno

Political Science