NIU club helps student veterans adjust

By Laura Hayes

Student veterans might find help adjusting to college with the NIU Veterans Club.

“It’s difficult to come back to school after being in a war,” said Bill Hotopp, vice president of the NIU Veterans Club. “We’re here to guide veterans through the paperwork and to help them adjust.”

Students already have discovered the benefits the Veterans Club has to offer. According to club member Jeff Reuss, the club has been very helpful because “it provides a place to communicate.”

Reuss said the greatest part of being in the club is “being around a certain few that can relate to each other and understand each other’s problems.”

Club President Matt Marshall said the objectives of the club are to provide veterans with “constructive service functions, social activities mutual assistance and the forming of lasting friendships.” Marshall added, “service functions include assistance of veterans of foreign wars, among other activities.”

The Veterans Club already has plans for the alumni veterans Homecoming. Hotopp said there would be a parade for the event which he hopes will include military vehicles.

Weekly club meetings are held Thursdays and Reuss encourages veterans to come and “be among friends.”