Huskie 4000‘ program sets blood drive goal

By Bryan Malenius

Heartland Blood Centers announced an exciting new program to increase student participation in NIU blood drives.

Heartland dubbed the program “The Huskie 4000.” The Huskie 4000 is a yearlong campus-wide philanthropy.

“The Huskie 4000 pulls all the individual blood drives together to work toward one common, campus-wide goal of 4,000 donations in one academic year,” said Heartland Blood Centers Marketing Representative Sheri Ransford. “It’s a friendly competition on campus with lifesaving results.”

Heartland estimated collecting 4,000 pints of blood on campus could save the lives of 12,000 patients.

Different organizations throughout the year sponsor blood drives. All organizations who participate will be recognized as members of the program through continuous updates in The Northern Star.

Every donation made at NIU will count toward the Huskie 4000. To make the competition more exciting for students, Heartland will sponsor prizes and drawings for the philanthropy.

“I feel that Sheri is on the right track,” said Steve Sliga, former President of the NIU Blood Commission. “I believe it is essential to set realistic goals for your organization, and 4,000 donations is attainable.”

Sliga also pointed out how quick and easy giving blood is.

“People need to make themselves aware of the ease and need for donating blood. To think of the lives they can save if they just give 30 minutes of their time,” Sliga said.

“Hopefully, this new marketing strategy will increase campus-wide awareness,” he said.

The first drive for the Huskie 4000 will be held at the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority house, 1202 Blackhawk Road, from 2:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.