Fighting plagues Illinois schools

By Eric Krol

NIU is not the only school having problems with fighting at greek dances held at student centers.

Violence has occurred at fraternity dances held this semester at both University of Illinois at Champaign and Western Illinois University at Macomb.

A dance held at the Holmes Student Center last weekend was halted after fighting broke out between members of a Chicago street gang and members of Alpha Phi Alpha, an NIU fraternity.

U of I joined NIU’s dilemma last weekend when fighting broke out at a U of I Black Greek Council-sponsored dance held at the Illini Union, according to The Daily Illini, the U of I student newspaper. Reports stated that some football players entered the dance and bumped into a few fraternity members, setting off a melee.

Police used a tear gas-like substance to clear the building after fighting broke out.

Although no damage total had been reported as of Thursday afternoon, reports stated a water fountain was ripped off a wall and damage was done to a bathroom door, chandelier and a table. No arrests have been made.

Violence erupted at WIU at the end of August. A dance sponsored by the WIU Black Student Association ended after minor fights broke out. The dance was held at the University Grand Ballroom.

The party was recorded on video and the tape is under review to determine what caused the fighting, according to WIU’s student newspaper The Western Courier.

WIU officials plan to search individuals at the next event for drugs, alcohol and weapons.