TV-8 newscasts return to local cable television

By Bryan Malenius

The Northern Television Center’s TV-8 newscasts returned to local cable viewers last week, providing students and residents with newscasts written, produced and directed entirely by NIU students.

TV-8 newscasts done so far this semester covered a variety of local stories, including city council meetings, area construction and student interest stories, said TV-8 assignment editor Amy Keogel.

“We also did a feature on how more people are staying in DeKalb to shop,” Keogel said. “We’ve done a lot of local interest stories.”

TV-8 news director Kim Ruppert reported no major changes on the newscast format, but did note there were plenty of opportunities for students to watch the newscasts.

“We air at 9, 10 and 10:30 each night, with the nine o’clock show being live,” Ruppert said.

“We figure some students will still be watching programs at nine and the Chicago or Rockford news at ten. That’s why we think a lot of people will be watching the late newscast.”

Ruppert said the newscasts were done by students taking “the block.” The block is the journalism department’s rigorous course schedule during one semester that involves working in all aspects of TV news.

Ruppert also said there are several paid positions at TV-8 filled by seniors who have already taken the block, such as news editors and producers.