Failed action

It is interesting that Caryn Rosenberg forgot to mention another group of people who benefit from affirmative action—WOMEN!

Caryn, I believe that there would be no need for affirmative action if those in power really wanted to bring true equality to this country. For equality does not start when one is interviewing for a job or applying for admission to college. It starts, or rather should begin, the day you are born.

However, our government has continuously failed to create better economic, educational and health programs for the disadvantaged. Furthermore, many corporations have a history of building on an institution that continuously locks out minorities. I look at the situation this way. Everyone wants equality, but nobody wants to make the sacrifices needed to achieve it.

These “traditional stock white males” that you referred to would prefer to get rid of affirmative action because they see it as reverse discrimination. Minorities would rather keep affirmative action because no one can assure them that they will receive equal treatment without it. I guess that puts us at a stale mate. An impasse that would not exist if government along with others in power would strive for true equality for all people.

I don’t see this change happening anytime soon. I, therefore, suggest that you keep on arguing against affirmative action. Keep on calling it an evil against the “traditional stock white male.” I will continue fighting for affirmative action and calling it a necessary evil for minorities. Without a change in the system of power that exists here in America, the only thing that I can suggest is that you go for yours. Because they are going for theirs. And I am sure going to go for mine.

Keith R. Barnes

Graduate Student