Candidate profile: City clerk

Northern Star Staff

The following is the response to a Northern Star questionnaire sent to local candidates for the 2021 consolidated election. Answers have been lightly edited for clarity and consistency.

Name: Stephanie Turner

Occupation: Administrative Assistant

Education: High School/Some College

Related experience: 

The City Clerk position is a clerical position and a contact for the community to conduct City business. My entire career has been centered around providing outstanding clerical assistance to each entity I have been a part of. Prior to my current role with the City of DeKalb, I served as a Supervisor for the Kane County Circuit Clerks Office. While there I prepared for and conducted multiple meetings every month. I was responsible for preparing the agenda and taking meeting minutes which coordinates well with the position of City Clerk. Between my year and a half working for the City of DeKalb and the Kane County Circuit Clerk’s office, I have over 15 years of administrative and clerical experience. I know that my knowledge of City procedures and the community as a whole would allow for a smooth transition for me to serve as the City Clerk. All of my skills and passion make me the perfect candidate to be the City Clerk for the City of DeKalb.

Why are you running the position: 

The City of DeKalb holds a special place in my heart. It is where I purchased my first home and where I and my dogs love to be. Running for City Clerk gives me a chance to give back to the community that has given so much to me in a way that my skill set can be of the most use. I take pride in assisting every resident on a daily basis to achieve the best possible outcome. As Clerk, I will continue to be a liaison between the citizens of DeKalb and the City Council.

Goals you want to accomplish if elected:

When elected my main goal will be to provide excellent service to the residents of DeKalb. Need it to be through providing transparent meeting notes and or easier access to documents online. I will complete the duties of the City Clerk in an efficient and effective manner. My desire is to facilitate a positive experience when dealing with all City manners.

Why students/residents should vote for you:

On April 6th voters should write-in Stephanie Turner for City Clerk because I am confident in my abilities to serve the community as their Clerk. I will be an approachable and professional contact for the students and residents of DeKalb. My previous and current experience would benefit the City of DeKalb immensely when elected City Clerk.

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