Chicago band releases first full length album


Courtesy of Billow

“Good Times For Life” album cover

By Brandon Montemayor, Lifestyle writer

DeKALB — Coming nearly two years after their most recent EP,  local midwest emo band Billow, released their first full length album, “Good Times For Life,” Saturday. Self-described “friendly neighborhood emo band,” the three piece outfit from Chicago have once again come through for fans of the band and genre, not disappointing with this project. 

“Good Times for Life” is a 10-song album that is, as brutally honest, as it is a showcase of the band’s growth. Lead singer and guitarist Robert Cundiff’s lyrics on the entire project are relatable and candid, lines like “Burying the hatchet, why do you keep digging it up?/ Attempting to move past this, but god-damn does it suck” on the track “Hatchet” capturing the visceral and emotional feelings behind trying to move on and make peace with a certain situation or person. 

The instruments on this album are also really well done, with every track being connected, they seamlessly flow into each other while also remaining individual enough to stand alone. Cundiff’s almost math rock sounding guitar leads coupled with bassist Sean Howell’s driving bassline establish the tone of the record. And if the guitars on the album set the bar high then the drums on this album keep it there, performed by the band’s drummer Dennis Kruse, the drums provide the rolling and punching backbone for the record. 

Overall, the project is an expansion on what fans of the band have come to know from Billow. “Good Times for Life” is a great debut album and first impression as the band comes through in every aspect. Billow will deliver for fans of Sorority Noise, Mom Jeans, Remo Drive and Marietta. 

To listen to “Good Times for Life” or check out more from Billow click here

Favorite Track: Black Lighter