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Patrick Murphy

AMC movie theater

Northern Star Staff

AMC is now playing the following films.


The Courier

This movie is about a British businessman, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, recruited to be a spy for the United Kingdom government. He gathers intelligence from the Soviet government and has to be on constant alert for KGB agents. The film is based on a true story and is rated PG-13.


Raya And The Last Dragon

“Raya And The Last Dragon” is a fantasy children’s film from Disney about finding peace between nations that have been at war for a long time. The quest relies on finding the last dragon left after a conflict between a species called Druun. The film is rated PG.


Tom & Jerry

“Tom and Jerry” is a mix of live-action and animation featuring Tom and Jerry’s classic antics as they move to New York. The film is similar to the original show with similar types of gags. The film is rated PG.


Chaos Walking

In “Chaos Walking,” Viola, played by Daisy Ridley, crashlands on a planet where all the women have disappeared and men are afflicted with what they call “the noise.” “The noise”  displays all their thoughts. Viola meets Todd Hewitt, played by Tom Holland. In the movie, the settlement turns against Viola and Todd while they also have to combat incoming aliens. The film is rated PG-13.


Judas And The Black Messiah

“Judas And The Black Messiah” is about William O’Neal’s infiltration of the Black Panther party at the behest of the FBI.  The mission is to subdue the Black Panther leader by any means necessary. William O’Neal starts this mission to get out of a lengthy jail sentence, and through the course of the film comes to question his commitment to the FBI. This film is rated R.



“Boogie” is a coming-of-age story about Alfred “Boogie” Chin and his dream of playing basketball for the NBA. In the movie, he defies the expectations of his parents who want him to focus on scholarship. Boogie also has to fight against the expectations of the world around him that don’t believe he could make it to the NBA. This film is rated R.


The Father

In “The Father,” Anthony, age 80, is slowly losing his mental faculties. He wants to continue to live alone with help from his daughter, but she is having trouble caring for him. The film is rated PG-13.


Promising Young Woman

“Promising Young Woman” is a revenge story about a woman trying to be a doctor before her future is suddenly derailed. She seeks revenge by pretending to be drunk in order to catch men trying to take advantage of her. She then exposes their bad behavior after they take her home. This film is rated R.