Candidate profile: City of DeKalb mayor

By Northern Star Staff

The following is the response to a Northern Star questionnaire sent to local candidates for the 2021 consolidated election. Answers have been lightly edited for clarity and consistency.

Name: Carolyn Morris

Why you are running for the position:

Throughout the various leadership positions I have held in my life, I learned that my passion lies in serving my community. In my time serving as 1st Ward Alderman, I have come to intimately know the issues that are important to DeKalb residents. Our people want quality public services, to have stable housing, and equal access to economic opportunities. More than anything, I want to be Mayor of DeKalb so I can be in a position to make positive change for all DeKalb residents. Because all people deserve to have a government that listens to them and acts for them.

Goals you want to accomplish if elected:

My main goals are to close achievement gaps in early education, provide assistance to those living in poverty, and create a strategic plan to enhance public safety in DeKalb. We must invest in our public education to prevent our children from falling behind later in life. Our community is in desperate need of more daycare centers and after-school programming. Poverty is another big issue that an unfortunate amount of our residents experience. I plan to develop institutional barriers to assist people out of poverty. I will use public, private, and nonprofit resources to create opportunities for affordable housing, create paths to homeownership, and connect people with proper employment. Finally, I would ensure that the DeKalb police department prepares its officers to respond appropriately during calls and that their policies are free of systemic racism.

Why students/residents should vote for you:

Students, I am a proud NIU alumnus, having graduated with a B.S. in Economics. Being a recent graduate myself, I understand the specific issues that NIU students experience, and I am committed to addressing them in office. NIU students and DeKalb residents are all part of the same community. If you care about the issues college students experience in the area, such as exploitative leasing, food insecurity, and post-graduate employment, then you should vote for me. I am passionate about making NIU students feel included in our community, even if they are just here for a short time. As mayor, I will be committed to strengthening community ties between residents and students. Having both raised my family in DeKalb and served as 1st Ward Alderman, I understand the issues that DeKalb residents face. Deep-seeded issues of inequality have gone passively unaddressed by our government for too long. It is time to act. As your mayor, I promise to include all citizens in the political decision-making process and to amplify community voices to make the next generation of leaders. I love this city, and I love its people. It would be truly an honor to be your mayor.

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