You can write in a candidate for election


Patrick Murphy | Northern Star

A voting booth at the Hopkins Park Terrace Room, 1403 Sycamore Road, during the 2020 election.

By Mikayla Magdziarz, Columnist

DeKALB — Consolidated elections take place Tuesday in DeKalb, and several candidates are running as write-ins. 

A write-in candidate is one whose name does not appear printed on the ballot. However,  their constituents can hand write their name in to cast their vote. 

In order for the ballot to be casted for a write in candidate, the candidate must have submitted by a deadline all necessary paperwork, signatures, fees and materials needed for approval, according to a 2020 Ballot Pedia Article.  

Most states allow the write in ballot to be cast, but some states have limits on which type of write ins count. There are three different categories write-ins can fall under:

  • No limitations or required criteria for whom voters can write-in. 
  • Write-ins limited to registered candidates only. 
  • No write-in ballots accepted. 

The DeKalb County Clerk & Recorder’s list of criteria to cast a valid write-in ballot states: 

  1. The name written by the voter is included in the list of write-in candidates that the election judges receive from the County Clerk’s Office. 
  2. The oval next to the name on the ballot must be filled out by voter.

A full list of approved write-in candidates running in the Consolidated Election can be found here