NIU residence hall director gives aid to choking victim

By Stacy Goldman

When push came to shove, someone decided to do the right thing.

Michelle Kimbrough, residence hall director for Lincoln Hall, said she was eating lunch in a local restaurant on Tuesday when something caught her attention across the room.

Kimbrough said she turned and noticed a woman choking on her food. She said she did not notice anyone else offering help, so she quickly went to administer the Heimlich maneuver to the choking woman.

Kimbrough said she was able to revive the woman and stayed with her until there was no apparent sign of danger.

“I didn’t think, I just got up and decided to do anything to help the situation,” Kimbrough said. “Before this incident occurred, the practical experience I’ve been exposed to was in my CPR training class.”

Kimbrough said she felt confident in her abilities to assist in the situation.

“Even if I wasn’t trained in some type of aid, I still would have tried to do something to help,” Kimbrough said.

Kimbrough said she received her master’s degree at Illinois State University, where she was a graduate assistant and received CPR training.

Kimbrough is working toward her NIU doctorate in educational psychology.