The annual WGGA Empowerment showcase begins

Northern Star Staff

DEKALB — The annual WGGA Empowerment showcase begins at 5 p.m. via the WGGA Facebook page. NIU’s art community has curated poems, songs, paintings and visual art presentations. 

It is such a fun event for WGAA to hold, especially back when we could have it in-person,” said Emma Barton-Norris, current president of the WGGA. “Art can be really empowering for all types of folks, and I have been able to witness how WGAA has been able to create a virtual community for artists and art lovers alike.” 

The showcase will run until April 12 at 5 p.m every day, according to the WGAA Facebook page. 

For more information,  contact Summer Fitzgerald, newly elected WGGA president, and current PR/Community outreach member and organizer of this year’s showcase. 

Students can also learn more at WGGA’s Facebook Page.