Art Museum to host ‘Music for Self-Care and Healing’ event


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By Brandon Montemayor , Lifestyle writer

DeKALB — NIU’s Art Museum will be hosting the “Music for Self-Care and Healing” event as a part of their latest exhibit, “Very Well, Thank You: The Arts as a Means to Well-being” through May 15.

The event will take place virtually from 2 to 3 p.m. Sunday via Zoom and will examine music’s role in our wellness and healing, said Stuart W. Henn, Coordinator of Marketing and Education for the event, via email.

“It is clearly an area where artistic talents overlap with holistic views of well-being,” he said.

“Music for Self-Care and Healing” will be presented by Jen Conley, board-certified music therapist and licensed counselor, and coincides with the overall exhibition’s theme, which takes a deep dive into the role that visual and performing arts play in helping us keep social, psychological and physical health and happiness, according to the event page

For more information about the event and how to sign up for it, visit the NIU event calendar.