PSC helps NIU students cope

By Stacy Goldman

The NIU Psychological Service Center always keeps an open door to help students and the community cope with problems.

PSC Director Carol Yoken said the center offers programs geared toward the individual. Some programs deal with serious issues, such as date rape and suicide, she said.

New programs offered this year have been aimed to counsel couples and families, she said.

The center has two main goals to accomplish.

“(We want to) properly train graduate students in psychology so they can provide clinical services to the community,” Yoken said.

“The PSC (also wants) to provide services to the community and help people solve their own problems.”

Yoken said one of the main programs offered by the PSC is stress management. Students face stress from being away from home, making decisions and facing graduation, she said.

In order to deal with this stress, students must learn to organize their time better and cope with the situation, Yoken said.

The center has been in existence for 20 years to offer programs for students and the community. Last year, over 100 people used the services of the center, including about 50 students.

The program is located in the Psychology Math Building. Call 753-0591 for more information.