Elevators on the right floor

NIU is getting off on the floor of safety and it’s a good thing.

The modernization of elevators shows that the university is starting to care about important things first—like safety.

Anyone who has ever been in any of the NIU elevators—scheduled to be brought into the 20th century this year— knows how unsafe they can be.

Last fall, two people in an elevator barely escaped serious injury from a malfunctioning elevator. One passenger was able to jump onto a floor when the elevator started to rapidly plummet with the doors open while the other was hit in the head by falling tiles.

The elevators will finally operate more efficiently, too. There have been too many times when students have been stuck in elevators.

The time has come to upgrade a mechanism when you can’t buy the parts to fix them because the parts aren’t made anymore.

It’s a bonus that the renovation won’t get caught in bureaucratic red tape and that NIU will be able to start the work as early as December. The sooner the elevators are made safe and more efficient, the better off everyone will be.

Although the entire university is strapped for cash, a price cannot really be put on safety and this project deserves first priority.

NIU should be commended for getting off on the right floor this time.