Art center classes provide creative outlet

By Matt Gronlund

NIU students looking for a way to express their creativity have an opportunity with the Creative Arts Center.

“The center gives students a creative outlet that they normally don’t have with their schoolwork,” said Karen Seymour-Ells, graduate assistant in charge of the Creative Arts Center.

The center, located in the Office of Campus Recreation (OCR), soon will begin fall classes. All students are welcome to register for the non-credit classes.

A variety of courses are being offered. Classes include photography, painting, jewelry making and a number of others.

Most of the courses meet once a week and last for six weeks. All classes will begin the week of Sept. 28.

The Creative Arts Center is not only for students who sign up for one of the classes. “The facilities are open nights for everybody, but they have to bring in their own materials,” said Joanne Scukanek, supervisor in charge of promotions.

Basic materials will be provided for anyone who takes a class. For safety reasons, those who do come in on their own might first have to be certified in the use of some of the equipment, Seymour-Ells said.

“This semester, groups are being encouraged to come in,” Scukanek said. Any group of eight or more can come in on Saturdays. For example, greek organizations are going to be encouraged to come in and do their own silk screening at the center, Scukanek said.

“The Creative Arts Center is here for all those with creative urges,” Seymour-Ells said. Anyone interested in signing up for a course at the Creative Arts Center can do so at the front desk of the OCR.