Preventive fitness program exercises NIU community

By Laura Hayes

Students can get into shape this semester with a “preventative fitness program” at NIU.

Fitness Images of Today is an ongoing program held in Anderson Hall’s weight room, aerobics center and pool and Gabel Hall’s weight room. A walk-jog class also is held in the Chick Evans Field House.

Program Coordinator Sue Schwartz said the program is intended to keep students, faculty and community members physically fit and healthy.

Participants will take physical fitness tests of stress, body composition, back fitness and flexibility, Schwartz said.

After taking the fitness tests, participants then take an appropriate schedule of exercise for the semester.

Program Director Paul Krebs said the tests help adapt the program to particular individuals.

Because of this adaptability, Krebs said the program provides an “outstanding” way for students to keep in shape.

Although people must be healthy to use the program, NIU also offers a separate program for those who are not.

The “Heart Rate” program provides services for people who are at risk of developing heart disease.

The program, including the stress tests and the exercise schedule, costs $100.