Lend a hand

A couple of days ago I witnessed something that made me sick to my stomach. It was the ninth of September, the day that we had that terrible thunderstorm. I was on my way to English class, and I noticed a blind man trying to reach his class. He was wearing shorts and a thin T-shirt that was soaked. He was having trouble reaching his class. He kept walking into the mud and since he was blind with a walking stick, he couldn’t hold an umbrella. He looked so cold, you could tell by the look on his face he was helpless. After a short delay I went over to the man and helped him out. He was so grateful that just me helping him made him feel better. He said thank you and without me helping him he would have been sick by the time he reached class. When I heard how grateful he was, it almost brought tears to my eyes. What I’m writing you for is to tell people if they see something like this happening, go and help them out—they will be very happy for your help. The day this occurred, everybody pretended like nothing was wrong. Please help—it means a world of difference.

Joey Garza