Serious games

All students deserve the right to hold parties on the weekends at the student center. There is only one African-American greek house, so this issue affects African-American organizations at a higher level. Most African-American organizations are limited to the student center for their larger functions.

There are solutions to the current problem that NIU faces. First, a fee can be added to the cover charge to be contributed to the student center. Properly trained security guards can be hired. Security guards should have to go through the same amount of rigorous training as resident assistants. I cannot speak for the University Police or the DeKalb Police Department, but I am sure that they would help in the training of security guards. Second, the school can afford metal detectors. It is the school’s job to provide safety of all students. The world is changing and NIU has to adapt to its needs. NIU has over 20,000 students. The diverse amount of people, organizations, and nationalities call for security measures such as a metal detector. Third, organizations could only admit NIU students and visitors with temporary IDs to their functions. The residence halls have developed a temporary ID for visitors of current NIU students. The ID can be issued in the students center.

The facts that Alfonso Knight was stabbed or that there was fighting at the Omega Psi Phi party are very serious. To take the parties away suppresses minority activities even more. If you do not give students a neutral place on campus to meet, then you are promoting disunity between students.

Tomiko L. Gay


Human Resource Management