Braun the best

Since the time has come to “unmask Carol Moseley Braun,” please allow me the privilege of removing the veil, Mr. Hir. Before I do so, however, I would like to share a concept with you as a student of political science. Politics of the 90’s has taken a turn and if you’ve been keeping abreast of the current events, you should be aware of this. I encourage you to incorporate it into your own style.

It’s an issue Carol supports that centers around “above the fray politics.” Hitting below the belt, if you will Mr. Hir, will surely spur voters to look at all candidates and their issues and make intelligent decisions based not on negative press but on the consistency of the candidates’ records and how their effectiveness will benefit the whole of the masses involved. They are looking at the big picture in other words. This leads me into the topic of “issues.”

Carol Moseley Braun has been working hard for better government since 1978. As Cook County Recorder of Deeds, she won national acclaim by cutting patronage, streamlining operations and returning twice as much money to the county as the department spent. Carol’s stand on education includes increasing federal support for higher education and investing in technical, vocational and worker training programs for the people in Illinois like yourself, perhaps, as well as funneling money from the “Peace Dividend” to pay for education and job generating programs.

Carol Moseley Braun is well educated, having earned a doctorate from the University of Chicago, and a B.A. Degree from University of Illinois. She is the recipient of over 150 awards for legislative achievements. Quite honestly, I couldn’t think of a better qualified candidate who is sure to work hard to bring dollars to Illinois for jobs and to manage the office of U.S. Senate of Illinois. I trust her with my vote!!

Eloise V. Lewis

DeKalb County Co-Coordinator of the Carol Moseley Braun Campaign