OCR adapts facilities to needs of disabled people

By Laura L. Hayes

The Office of Campus Recreation is making changes to make its campus facilities more accessible to disabled people.

Juliette Moore, director of the OCR and member of the Commission of Disabilities, said the OCR is “working toward everybody having access to all programs and services offered on campus.”

The OCR recently installed lockers specifically designed for persons with disabilities. The new lockers are closer to the ground, making them more accessible.

Sue Reinhardt, co-coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities, said the changes were necessary. While the old lockers may have been fine for some, they did not accommodate all the students, she explained.

OCR also reserves a volleyball court for the hearing impaired each week.

In addition, the men’s showers are undergoing construction so that they will have a shelf and a seating area.

Moore said that each of the recreation supervisors at OCR were required to attend a training session where they were taught basic sign language so that they would be able to communicate with the deaf.

She added that although there are no programs created especially for disabled people, all of OCR’s programs are open to everyone and all people are encouraged to participate.

Moore said as a result of the Americans with Disabilities Act, “we are definitely moving in the direction of much better accessibility and improved services by the end of the year.”