Perot not Bush

As one who voted for President Bush in 1988, and being the volunteer coordinator for DeKalb County’s effort to have Ross Perot’s name placed on the general election ballot, I felt persuaded to respond to Robert F. Harris’ appeal printed by The Northern Star on August 26, 1992, for the Perot supporters to vote for President Bush and any other Republican candidate come November.

First, assuming we all agree their inability to control debt is related to the fact that we are unwilling to touch entitlements, until either President Bush or Governor Clinton makes clear what needs to be cut, neither candidate warrants the support of Perot supporters who were united in the need to address the debt crisis seriously.

Second, the supporters of Perot were interested in reform of the political system—from term limitations to providing greater access to the polls. I was somewhat disheartened when President Bush vetoed legislation which would have allowed citizens to register to vote at the point of receiving their driver’s licenses.

Third, if any candidate or citizen, whether from the left or the right, is interested in appealing to Perot supporters who spanned the political spectrum, he or she must address the issues more earnestly and are challenged to do so as long as Ross Perot’s name is on the ballot.

For those local candidates wanting to address the county organization or any citizen interested in registering to vote in November, they are welcomed to contact me at 748-5949.

Friedrich H. Fiebig