Partisan plague

Once again we find ourselves in another act of the play of politics starring the Republicans as the hero and typecasting the Democrats as the villains. This is especially evident in Robert Harris’ letter dated August 26. The one thing that struck me about his article was that he ended it Robert Harris, County Board Candidate. But tell me this, did he even mention any of the issues associated with the DeKalb County Board. NO! The only things he seemed to mention were how the Democrats are always the bad guys and only Democrats sell their souls to special interest groups (anybody heard of the NRA, a republican pet.) Mr. Harris better clue into the fact that there are good and bad in every group, Republican and Democrats alike. What we all should be doing now is working together to help solve our problems and forgetting the ‘us verses them’ attitude so prevalent today.

But most importantly, Mr. Harris had better stick to the issues involved in the DeKalb County Board. The County Home, future planning and development and property tax relief should be foremost on his mind. His main objective should be working for the security and wellness of the residents of DeKalb County.

My message to Mr. Harris is that if you don’t have any issues to run on except partisan politics, you have no place in running for the DeKalb County Board.

Mary F. Sindelar


Political Science