Remember me?

Ah, summer is almost over and fall will soon be here. No, I can’t tell because of the weather, but the chain link fences and tuition are on the rise and class availability is on the decline. Why, just last night I heard on the news about how Northern Illinois University has placed a freeze on hiring because of money problems, and they are anticipating more problems if a super cold winter hits. Mr. La Tourette, (or whoever is running this big, fancy show) could you please tell me why we build, build, build when I (a senior) can’t even fill my schedule (which I have to fill since I need four extra hours to graduate)? All I hear at 753-8900 is “Sorry, you can’t have this class because it is closed. Sorry, you can’t have that class because it is cancelled.” At least we bought a polite computer. I can’t possibly comprehend why this school would even begin to consider building a new student center when we just spent umpteen thousands of dollars (an estimate) fixing the one we already have. Why? Why? Does any student on this campus (remember the students?) want or think we need a new administration (oops, I mean student) center? Why not hire and keep good teachers? Why not open more sections of popular classes? Why not add some more parking lots so we can park in DeKalb to go to class? Why not forget Hoffman Estates and Rockford and remember me and my 20,000 fellow students here? Why not put education first and aesthetics down the list? I guess it’s just not good business.

P.S. Alumni Committee—Don’t even think about asking me for any donations after I leave!

Garren D. Bugh