That time I … joined a sorority


Courtesy of Keearin Jackson

Keearin Jackson (left) and Erin Grace in front of the Delta Gamma house ready to start the fall semester.

Keearin Jackson, Columnist

Joining a sorority can be scary, nervous and exciting all in one. For me, joining a sorority was actually surprising. Coming to NIU, I never thought I would be a part of such an amazing sisterhood. 

In the second semester of my sophomore year, I got a call from one of the sisters to ask if I was still interested in joining a sorority. It came as a shock answering the phone because I never remembered filling out a form. I was even surprised when I said yes with excitement.

I think they took my email from when I signed up to support my friend during my first year. She wanted someone to go through the process with her. 

I met with three of the sisters of Delta Gamma through Zoom in Spring 2021. The conversation was normal, as if I knew these girls already. They got to know me, and I got to know them. When the call ended, I remember running to my mom to tell her about it.

The next day I got a call from one of the sisters, and I received a bid, an invitation to join their sisterhood. I was overly surprised because I did not know what to expect while waiting. They gave me time to think about my decision. 

I had a conversation with my mom about how we were feeling. It came down to my decision, but my mother supported me. The sister called me back the next day to receive my decision. I immediately accepted the bid.

Going into this process was different because I did not go into NIU looking into sororities. There were so many horror stories when it came to sororities that left me uninterested. I remember a sorority requested to follow me on Instagram back in 2019, and I decided to look into all of them, which I am highly grateful for. 

I have met so many amazing girls who helped me through the new member process and made me feel at home. Being a new member through Zoom was difficult because it was harder to meet all the girls and make a personal connection, but everyone was so welcoming.

I remember when we had to make a Powerpoint after being initiated. It was a Powerpoint on anything. It could have been something that we loved, hated or had an opinion on. That was my favorite way of getting to know my sisters. 

It opened me up to getting to know my sisters and them getting to know me. It has to be my most favorite activity through Zoom. Everyone was laughing and smiling. It was the moment I realized I made the right decision. 

This was an unexpected surprise, but I am glad it happened.