New store takes over White Hen vacancy

By Peter Schuh

Students who suffer from sudden attacks of the “midnight munchies” can now get relief.

ot Spot has opened up in the Village Commons, 901 Lucinda Ave., filling the void left when White Hen Pantry closed last semester.

The store opened July 2, much to the satisfaction of NIU’s night owls. “We’re open 24 hours with a larger product line and cheaper prices than White Hen,” said Asif Quddus, one of Hot Spot’s managers and a six-year DeKalb resident.

He said Hot Spot is doing its best to not only fill White Hen’s vacancy, but also to serve NIU’s students better than its predecessor. “The layout is the same, but we’re using it much more intelligently,” Quddus added.

Hot Spot offers students a large deli as well as a product assortment that ranges from cigarettes and candy bars to shampoo and contact lens cleaners. New products include the daily edition of The Wall Street Journal and several assorted “adult magazines,” Quddus said. There has also been a concerted effort made toward security during the later hours with the addition of overhead mirrors, a door alarm, and plans to install surveillance cameras, said Tere Rivera, an employee of Hot Spot who had also worked for White Hen.

“It’s totally different here, and the changes are for the better,” Rivera said.

“The management is a lot better and they appreciate suggestions. The customers have helped a lot,” Rivera said.

In general, students appear pleased with the new store.

“It’s a little different,” said John Sherk, a student who was grabbing a quick snack on the way to class. “Maybe a little better. I don’t really care, I’m just glad something’s here.”