University Police are class act

The Alphonso Knight stabbing case has been resolved and the University Police should be hailed for helping put it to rest.

It was mainly the work of the UPs that led to the conviction of Anthony Hawks, who pleaded guilty Friday to attempted murder. Hawks admitted to stabbing Alphonso Knight at Grant Towers South in March. Knight still is in the hospital.

The UPs gathered suspects and eye witnesses to identify Hawks and then State’s Attorney Michael Coghlan took it from there. Considering the complexity of the case, it was completed in a minimal amount of time.

Too often the UPs are pegged as unable to handle a case of this degree, when in reality, the case could never have been closed without their assistance.

The quick work and confession send a message to everyone in the NIU and DeKalb community: A stabbing will not be taken lightly and both police forces will work together to make sure justice is served.

Hopefully, the conviction of Hawks will discourage any other incidents like this from happening. Coupled with the other security measures that are being taken at the residence halls, NIU is well on its way to making the campus a safer place for everyone to enjoy.

This incident can never be forgotten, but it can be easier to deal with thanks to the UPs and all the other law enforcement officials who helped close an ugly incident quickly and, more importantly, efficiently.