Film review: ‘Together’


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Madelaine Vikse , Lifestyle Editor

“Together” is a unique comedy-drama that deals with the ups and downs of a problematic couple’s relationship during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

The film addresses many common relationship issues like controversial topics involving the pandemic and the two character’s contrasting beliefs and morals.

Director Stephen Daldry is incredibly versatile and may be best known for directing and producing popular television series “The Crown” on Netflix. In “Together,” Daldry has created an environment where the audience becomes a part of the story rather than watching from afar. Instead of watching the characters interact solely with each other, the characters frequently speak directly to the camera, inviting the viewer to join the conversation and day-to-day events. 

The film has three actors in total. James McAvoy plays the character He, Sharon Horgan plays the character She and Samuel Logan plays the couple’s 10-year-old son Arthur. The couple’s names are never mentioned, and they refer to each other as only he and she throughout the entirety of the film. McAvoy and Horgan are absolutely fantastic and embody their characters flawlessly.

“Together” starts at the very beginning of the pandemic, showing the couple returning home from the store with hands full of bags filled with food, toilet paper and other goods. The viewer is immediately thrown into this complicated couple’s life and home as the couple talks about each other directly to the audience while carrying on an unfiltered conversation. It is as if the viewer becomes a temporary guest in their home. There is a count kept of the number of deaths due to coronavirus and the number of individuals vaccinated throughout the film, reminding viewers of what has and continues to happen.

This film captures many of the realities millions of individuals faced and continue to face due to the pandemic. Horgan’s character’s mother, who was moved into a care facility where many COVID-19 outbreaks took place, is, unfortunately, a relatable situation for many who thought their loved ones would be safe in similar environments.

Writer Dennis Kelly is a genius when it comes to coming up with realistic and natural-sounding arguments and situations between a couple during the pandemic. The conversations between the couple often become intense, uncomfortable and heavily decorated with strong language and anger towards each other, which occasionally makes the film hard to watch.

“Together” is a heart-rending story about how a relationship struggles in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown with conversations and events presented in a very raw way. The film highlights and focuses on the many losses due to the pandemic, such as loved ones, jobs and more. Funny, ironic, and darkly comedic at times, this film truly captures it all.