Appeal to vote

This letter is an open appeal to those voters who were prepared to vote for H. Ross Perot. According to surveys, this group’s main issues were the national debt, AIDS and political reform. I firmly believe that voters concerned with these issues should support George Bush and other Republican candidates in the fall elections.

On the national debt, the Republicans support a line-item veto, which forty-one governors have, as a tool to trim fat from the budget. The Democratic Congress has refused to pass a balanced budget law when our country needed it the most. The largest problem is that two-thirds of the budget consists of mandatory entitlements. These entitlements can be cut in an effort to reduce the debt, but instead have grown at an amazing rate. The reason why all previous efforts to reduce the deficit have failed can be traced to the fact that only one-third of the budget is available. Finally, to put it simply, Bill Clinton will raise taxes by 150 billion dollars and has already promised to increase spending by over 220 billion dollars. Just imagine, he hasn’t even started to ponder to all the liberal interest groups that each Democrat sells his or her soul to in a desperate attempt for votes.

On the issue of AIDS, we currently spend more money on AIDS than we do for any other disease. How much more could you ask for? Well George Bush asked for more money that the Congress eventually spent. Now tell me who cares!

Finally if any sane person can tell me with a straight face that the Democrats are the party of political reform then I have just one word for them, “congress”. With all the recent revelations about congress, they have been able to make used car salesmen (this is not politically correct) look like choirboys. Who wants to eliminate PAC’s, franking, and the wide array of free perks? The Republicans stand far ahead of their opponents in the area of fighting for political reform. The recent check bouncing scandal was uncovered by Republican Representatives, such as Rep. Crandy from Iowa, who were shocked to see the moral decay in Congress.

I think the choice is clear! Perot supporters can once again get involved in the political process and work for a candidate and a party who addresses their issues. George Bush and the Republican party deserve your support! Please register before October 5 and vote!

Robert F. Harris

County Board Candidate