Candidates prepare for November election

By Philip Dalton

The state representative race for the 70th district is revving up as the candidates prepare for the November stretch run.

Republican candidate David Wirsing, a pork farmer from Sycamore who overcame Tim Johnson in the March 17 primary, has been out getting his message known.

Wirsing has a large variety of experience. Wirsing is an experienced businessman. Wirsing also has served on different kinds of boards, including those with a corporate structure, an organizational structure and a school board.

Wirsing said the most important issues in the campaign were state budget problems and their negative effects on education and health care. Voters can see a different side of Wirsing Saturday from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. inside the Cornfest dunk tank.

Democratic candidate Kay Phillips entered the general election late after former candidate Mark Ludden dropped out in May because of “personal circumstances.”

Phillips said important campaign issues are education, health care, jobs and law and order. Phillips has been living in the community for eight years and has financed her own education, housing and health care, she said. Phillips said she feels that because of this she is well in touch with the concerns of the community. She is also the bar manager at Matthew Boone’s Restaurant.

Phillips said she doesn’t feel that she is at a disadvantage because of her late entrance into the race. DeKalb County Democratic chairman Gene Sparrow said that even though the race may be tough since she got in late, “We’ll get the message out in the next 70 days and it will be a tight race.”