Air Patrol necessary measure

President George Bush’s announcement that there are “no fly zones” Wednesday was a wise decision, but the revived Middle East crisis must be handled with the greatest care.

The announcement said that Iraqi aircrafts, including fixed-wing planes and helicopters flying below the 32nd parallel, will be shot down after a 24-hour warning period which began Wednesday morning.

Although many people are calling Bush’s decision a campaign tactic to boost his ratings in the presidential campaign polls, Bush should be applauded for dealing with a very hot situation when he, himself, is very cold in the polls. The fact is that the Iraq situation happened to arise during convention time. Bush even informed Bill Clinton of his decision which Clinton is supporting.

The air patrol is a good way to let Iraq know that the United Nations is not going to let it back down on Iraq-Kuwait mandates that ended the Persian Gulf War.

The air cap also is a way to protect the Shiites. Bush is trying to keep protecting what the Persian Gulf War was supposed to accomplish, and he cannot be faulted for that.

However, before any shooting should take place, Bush should go in front of Congress’ approval. The fact that the shooting could lead to a continuation of Persian Gulf War is one of the reasons that Bush needs to make sure Congress approves what he is doing.

Avoiding conflict would be ideal, but if Saddam Hussein decides it is not possible, Bush must do what must be done but in the correct and constitutional way.