Red Cross seeks funds to aid hurricane victims

By Peter Schuh

Although Hurricane Andrew has dwindled to nothing but a soft whispering wind, the DeKalb County American Red Cross would like residents to donate funds for those hit hardest by the storm.

Kathy Glascock, director of the DeKalb County American Red Cross, said residents should make donations to help people in Florida and New Orleans pick up the pieces.

Contributions will provide food, water, and medical supplies to shelters, workers and residents returning to affected homes, she said.

“(Contributions) will also assist with post-disaster operations such as providing cleaning supplies, and building and repair assistance,” she said.

“I’d like to ask any fraternities and sororities for help through fundraisers.”

Unfortunately, Glascock said, the Red Cross will not be accepting any food supplies intended for relief assistance.

These supplies have high shipping costs and do not “work too well,” she said.

However, the Salvation Army will be accepting donations of bottled water, non-perishable food, and other supplies, said one Salvation Army official.

The national American Red Cross already has sent 175 paid and volunteer workers to New Orleans and 410 staff workers to Florida.

According to the Associated Press, Hurricane Andrew damaged or destroyed about 8,000 homes.

Donations can be dropped off at any Salvation Army location in DeKalb.

Financial contributions also will be taken by the Salvation Army. These contributions should be sent to one of the organization’s locations under Salvation Army Hurricane Andrew Assistance.

Contributions for the Red Cross should be sent to the American Red Cross, National Disaster Relief Fund, c/o the DeKalb County Chapter, P.O. Box 218, DeKalb, IL. Call 1-800-842-2200 for more information or to make a donation.