City Council to consider purchase of police interceptors


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A DeKalb police officer fatally shot a man Monday morning after officers responded to a domestic violence call.

By Elisa Reamer, News Editor

DeKALB – The DeKalb City Council will discuss Monday authorizing the purchase of four police interceptors from Morrow Brothers Ford for $150,000 for the DeKalb Police Department. 

The purchase will be from financing from Tax-Exempt Leasing Corporation. A tax-exempt lease form is a type of lease-to-own program that spreads the cost over five years, according to the Sept. 27 City Council agenda. There are additional interest rates, but Tax-Exempt Leasing Corporation offered the lowest rate at 2.48%. 

The final purchase price including delivery for each vehicle is $36,235 per vehicle, which will be $144,940 in total, according to the City Council agenda.

The purchase of the police interceptors was already approved in the city budget. If this resolution passes, the vehicles are not likely to be received until 2022 due to manufacturer delay, according to the agenda. 

Review the Citizen Police Review Board 

The DeKalb City Council passed an ordinance to implement a citizen police review board at its Sept. 13 meeting. City Manager Bill Nicklas will bring back the ordinance for a second reading on Monday.

Due to several concerns over the proposed citizen police review board, the city received a “Demand to Bargain” and had its first bargaining session on Sept. 21. The ordinance has been revised to include the recommendations made during the session, according to the agenda.

The Labor Council raised three concerns during the bargaining session.

No officer should appear before the board against their will, active and pending disciplinary measures remain confidential and the public releases of proceedings in cases if discipline is recommended may not occur until everything is final, according to the agenda. 

The City Council meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Monday at the DeKalb Public Library, 309 Oak St., in the Yusunas Meeting Room.