Student Regent plans committee

By Brian Slupski

In an interview Tuesday, new student Regent John Butler talked about an advisory committee he is forming and about the past attempts to reform the judicial office.

Butler’s Student Regent Advisory Committee will consist of nine students, both graduate and undergraduate, and will help Butler prioritize Regent business. Presently the committee has not been formed.

“The purpose of the committee is to advise the student Regent on matters which have, are or shall become matters within higher education,” Butler said.

He said the committee will sort things, pull things together, prioritize items and do research. Butler said interested undergraduate or graduate students may apply for the committee at the Student Association office located in the Holmes Student Center.

Butler said the committee meetings will be highly structured and that time for questions and student concerns will be made at the end of each meeting.

Butler said his goals and the goals of the committee will reflect the goals of the SA senate.

Butler said the SA will have preeminence over the opinions of the committee. “However, hopefully the SA senate will seriously take into account the position of the committee,” Butler said.

Butler was asked if, like his predecessor Jim Mertes, he would try to reform the judicial process.

“I commend Jim for finding an area which perhaps needed improvement,” Butler said. “Some of his suggestions were right on the ball.”

“I think the issue can be handled at the campus level with the judicial office. If (SA President) Paul Middleton or the SA want to take it on, then fine,” Butler said.

“I am going to concentrate on issues at the Board of Regents level,” Butler said. “I am first and foremost a board member.”