CSDC helps students with concerns, problems

By Sabryna Cornish

Students can air their concerns and problems at the Counseling and Student Development Center.

The center is “set up to address the concerns of students,” said Brian Rooney, an intern at the center.

Some of the services included in the center are:

‘personal counseling, which includes group and individual.

‘career counseling.

‘assistance in study skills.

‘personal/psychological emergencies.

‘drug/alcohol assessment and counseling.

‘support services for student athletes.

‘support services for minorities.

‘relationship and family concerns.


‘incest/sexual abuse issues.

There is no charge for the services; they are included in student fees. The center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

There is a psychiatrist on staff who is at the center part-time and at the University Health Service part-time.

The center also is in charge of the Learning and Study Skills Laboratory (LASSL). The lab is located at 140 Carroll Ave.

The personal counseling deals with concerns related to depression, anxiety, stress and eating disorders.

Rooney said there tends to be more students seeking advice and help at the beginning of the year.

“Problems are triggered more by important transitions,” such as the move from high school to a university, he said.

Rooney said when there is a different living situation “a lot of stress and struggles arise.”

The career counseling is aimed at people who need information about picking a major and a career direction, he said.

Rooney advises new students to give themselves “plenty of time to adjust and realize there are times when (students) will feel lost, confused or homesick.”

As part of the Minority Student Assistance Program, minority peer counseling is offered. The program “provides older students as resources for newer students,” Rooney said.