DeKalb offers diversity of bars for students

By Michael McCulloh

As the tuition increases at NIU, so does the age of students.

Many of the new students at NIU are 21 and over, which might not be the traditional age where someone discovers university life, but it is certainly welcome news to the many establishments which offer adult entertainment in the DeKalb area.

There are many bars in the DeKalb area to suit different personalities which vary in atmosphere to “conversational” clubs to dance and sports bars.

Many of the bars feature live bands from Chicago and Rockford every night. Some feature contests such as the best tan lines and their own version of the popular television show “Studs.”

Most of these establishments can be found on Lincoln Highway, beginning with The Stadium Club at 1311 W. Lincoln Hwy. Driving east, there is the Paradise Club, located at the Days Inn, 1212 W. Lincoln Hwy. Molly’s Eatery and Drinkery and Amnesia are next at 1022 W. Lincoln Hwy. and 1000 W. Lincoln Hwy.

Downtown DeKalb has Otto’s at 118 E. Lincoln Hwy., Lord Stanley’s at 142 E. Lincoln Hwy., American Exchange at 156 E. Lincoln Hwy. and the Flamingo Lounge at 214 E. Lincoln Hwy.

Continuing down the highway is Andy’s Tap at 317 E. Lincoln Hwy. and McCabe’s Lounge at 323 E. Lincoln Hwy.

Not every bar is found on Lincoln Highway, though. There’s the One-Eyed Riley’s bar at 1215 Blackhawk Road, The Jungle at 1027 W. Hillcrest Dr. and Twin Tavern at 1028 S. Fourth St.

Chris Como, manager of Otto’s, said he thinks there’s a wide variety of people that come to Otto’s simply because of the different bands.

“Some nights more people will come to see college-oriented bands whereas on other nights, local people come to see bands from this area,” Como said.

According to Mike Carpenter, manager of Amnesia, there is a diverse crowd there because there’s always something different going on.

“We like to do different things like a Wayne’s World look-alike contest or an international beer tasting night,” Carpenter said.

With all the different bars in the area, students can stumble into one that’s suited for them.