Wake up

Hey Rickey, get a clue. Normally I would not feel motivated to write an editorial, but I found your letter so ridiculous that I couldn’t let it go unresponded to.

First, I would like to point out that our tuitions and student fees pay for a variety of campus functions and services. Not every one of us uses every service that we, in part, help fund. There are people who don’t use the bus system, yet their money helps to keep it running. Money is used for the upkeep of all campus buildings as well, but I’m not going to demand a refund on my tuition because my money is being used in buildings I never set foot in. In the long run, it all evens out and we’re all paying for both those services we use and don’t use equally. It’s just a fact that goes with going to an institute of higher education.

Now, I ask you, do all of your friends feel the same way about premarital sex that you do? Are they all virgins? Somehow, I doubt it. It’s not because they’re filthy or evil, it’s simply their choice to take part in the act of intercourse prior to marriage and their choice to, yes, to risk disease. Understand, people who choose premarital sex will do it whether or not free condoms are offered. Of course, with birth control information and free condoms easily available, these couples will be more likely to protect themselves from getting diseases and will be more aware of the risks they are taking.

In case you didn’t know, although condoms are not 100 percent safe (as you so vehemently pointed out), they are the most effective form of birth control available (other than abstinence) to prevent pregnancy and disease. So think of your fees as going to the prevention of disease (and possibly death) in your sexually active friends. Surely you wouldn’t rather see them ill or dying than to give them some meager amount of money that could prevent them such suffering.

Finally, just because unwed couples are engaging in sex does not mean they are not deeply in love, monogamous or even destined to marry at a later date. Also, for most people (college students included), sex is not a few minutes of “cheap thrills.” I’m sorry you see it that way and hope you will feel otherwise once given the opportunity to experience it. Sex is a meaningful act for most people and for those who use it. Otherwise, I do not condone their actions. I do realize though, that I can’t do anything to prevent it, but instead can only hope they are taking necessary precautions and support the administration in making it easier for all couples to take those precautions. Viva birth control!

J.M. Caluwe


Math Education