Judge yourselves

I am writing this letter in response to a letter written in last Wednesday’s paper on the issue of the condom display in the Holmes Student Center. I feel that Rickey Nesbitt should wake up and realize that not everyone has the same view about sex that he (or she) does. It is completely unfair to judge others on the basis of your personal opinions, though you are entitled to them. But this is the decade of the AIDS virus, and it makes me proud to see that my school is realizing the potential and is providing free condoms to try to deter the disease.

This shouldn’t be the case of whether pre-marital sex is evil or not. Sex happens, whether it be when you’re wed or not. Viva abstinence is such a blind way to tell others when they should or shouldn’t have sex. What may be appropriate for you may not be right for me, and I don’t feel that abstinence is right for many others. What is right is being careful on whom you choose as a partner, and taking the precautions that are necessary in this day and age.

I suggest that Mr. (or Mrs.) Nesbitt find something useful to complain about. Since it is obvious that you find yourself so high and mighty on the fact that you are a virgin, you should also feel proud that Northern is doing its part to try to stop the spread of AIDS. You and your petty little argument are not going to change the fact that sex is happening; communication and facts are the keys to this issue.

So band your little group of close-minded people together, and judge yourselves, not others. I highly doubt that you or any other deadly disease will stop people from having sex. It’s a fact of life, whether you think it right or wrong, so deal with the issue of AIDS and prevention.

I also know of others who feel as I do and I can guarantee that if we were to band together, your group wouldn’t stand a chance when the facts were laid out on the table. So once again, I’d like to commend Northern on the free condoms. It is an open-minded and caring way to let the students know that you care about the issues of AIDS.

Kelly Graham